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The term ‘wiki‘ is derived from a Polynesian word meaning ‘quick.’

This is an apt descriptor since changes can be made immediately by editors. On this page we explain how this all works for those interested in editing wikis with confidence.

Change the world.

Frequently asked questions
Why wiki? Working together we can put information where others can more easily access it, edit it and improve it.

What’s the difference between a wiki and a blog? A blog is written is chronological order like a journal. On a wiki, members can edit or create any page.

Please note that wikis require active participation, top-down and bottom-up buy-in, commitment from multiple parties and frequently face-to-face training. If that’s not a possibility, arranging a video conversation with screenshare is the next best thing.

Are there are ways to edit? Yes, we are also fans of using Google Docs for collaborative editing.

Join or host an edit-a-thon. Digital literacy training includes many hands on training sessions. If you know enough, you can host your own event and show others how to contribute to this wiki and to Wikipedia.

Core skills (Adventures in Digital Literacy!)
Register on Wikipedia
Consult the history of a wiki page
Consult the stats for a wiki
Edit a wiki
Tweet about a wiki page

Are we on the same screen?
To what degree do we interact?
What’s next?

Wiki Versus Email
Wiki collaboration leads to happiness
Wiki Collaboration Leads to Happiness
Paraphrasing Benjamin Disraeli: The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to wiki about it.

Levels of Engagement – Niveles de Compromiso (tools)

Be attentiveReadLeer
Be creativeEditRedactar
Be creativeCreate new wikiCrear un wiki nuevo
Be generousEmbed RSSIncrustar RSS
Be generousAdd a link to a wikiAgregar una liga a un wiki

Essay: The Value of Wikis
Paraphrasing Benjamin Disraeli: “The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to wiki about it.”

Think of wikis as collaborative murals. Artists come together and prepare something in a public space.

Please note that there’s more than one ‘wiki’ as certainly as there are more than one wall.

Think of wikis as the yellow pages. Listings include phone numbers and addresses plus the social web channels.

A wiki is invariably incomplete. It needs the feedback and participation from readers to make corrections and expand the coverage.

As a tool the wiki has reached the point in which a critical mass of web-savvy and content-savvy people have joined forces. We are particularly attracted to the idea since Planeta.com has matured with reader feedback and there’s no better public editing tool than a wiki! By using this software, we are able to work with long-time contacts in developing and improving features without the tedious exchange of documents via email.

Features developed through collaboration include the Responsible Tourism in Cities Conference and the Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award and Oaxaca Amigos

“The objective is to have accurate information and to share meaningful information in a relevant – and sometimes slow – conversation,” said Ron. “The process of suggesting edits, new links and developing projects of mutual interest is much easier using a wiki than the traditional cycle of exchanging emails or worse documents. This is an exciting time to develop collaborative work which can also be fun!”

Ron: “Wikipedia is not the only wiki model out there and I would heartily recommend the wike-style editing to academics and journalists alike. We can create informative materials within websites accessible to the public and edited by trusted colleagues. One of the advantages of wiki-style editing is that we show our work with each change being notated. Frankly, when I look at ‘dead tree’ versions of journals and books, I am disappointed we cannot se the makings of the monster.”

Wiki Wiki
– Poi Dog Pondering

The word wiki is from a Hawaiian in fact. And so Wikipedia literally means ‘quick education’. But it came about because the guy who came up with all the wiki websites (wiki is a class of website, Wikipedia is just one of them) was back in the ’90s in Hawaii at an airport, and he saw that the bus was called the Wiki Wiki Bus, the quick bus, and he was looking for a word that sounded and felt quick to go with this very new kind of website that he wanted to come up with for programmers to share and edit information. And he decided to call his first website Wiki Wiki Web. And that’s a silly little story, but the moment I tell that it goes from being a kind of made up word without places or faces behind it to being a specific story about one man who is still alive, who we can ask questions, doing very particular things in the late 1990s, and that’s where this particular tool came from, that’s how it was born. And that’s why we have this…we’re all speaking a little bit of Hawaiian without even knowing it.
– Tom Chatfield, A linguistic celebration of the digital world

What’s really important about the wiki … is the idea that employees are working together to put the information they’re carrying around in their heads on the wiki, where others can more easily access it, use it, edit it and improve it.
– Stewart Mader, Wiki ROI #2: Collect and Refine Tacit Knowledge to Improve Efficiency

Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge.
– Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia

If you want to be a Wikipedian, you have to edit a lot of Wikipedia articles. You don’t submit your resume to Wikipedia.
Quinn Norton

Wiki Do’s
Be proactive!
Schedule Face-to-Face time to discuss the wiki and implement some changes, starting with a ‘To Do’ list

Wiki Don’ts
Add links willy-nilly
Be mean or sarcastic
Ignore the wikis you’ve joined
Wait to be asked to edit
Forget your password

There is an official Wikipedia site which provided open source software .

Other examples include Lostpedia, OpenStreetMap, tmbw, tolkiengateway, mst3k

Wiki Stats - April 2008 Screenshot

Traffic and Transparency
Among the advantages of a wiki are complete histories of each page and usage statistics.

Traffic increased from an average of less than 50 unique visitors a day in January 2008 to about 200 unique daily visitors in July 2008 and 400 unique visitors in July 2009. In contrast, the Planeta website receives about 2,000 unique visitors a day.

Social Web
The philosophy behind Wiki is that text is fluid and can be edited, illustrated in the popular video The Machine is Us/ing Us The process is collaborative, following the logic that ‘two heads are better than one’ or the more the merrier!’ The best pages on this or any wiki will be edited numerous times and preferably by more than one person. Click ‘history’ on any wiki page to review the editorial process.

Wiki collaboration leads to happiness is a 2008 blog that visually documents the simplification of using a wiki over email in editing text.

The process has been fun and reflects natural world partnerships that are friendly and informal. There’s no better evidence of this than the guides to the English language co-written and edited with friends who are sharing their expertise.

Stewart Mader (no relation) imparts advice through his site Grow your wiki.

Six Ways to Wiki

More wiki goodness in Wikinomics.

Way-new collaboration – Howard Rheingold talks about the coming world of collaboration, participatory media and collective action — and how Wikipedia is really an outgrowth of our natural human instinct to work as a group.

Rate Your Wiki Engagement
0 – Barely consult the wiki
1 – Consult the wiki
2 – Return to the wiki at times
3 – I’m familiar enough with the wiki
4 – I’ve bookmarked the wiki
5 – I’ve tweeted about certain wiki pages
6 – I’ve edited the wiki
7 – I’ve edited the wiki this month
8 – I’ve created new pages on the wiki AND I’ve updated them
9 – I’m livestreaming
10 – I have my own wiki

Rate Your Wiki Engagement

Lessons from Australia
Wiki now available and first discussion paper up

The wiki is now available! Two wiki’s have been created and are accessible using the tabs above:

  • plan: this is where we and you will draft the management plan; and
  • knowledge: this is where we and you can store and create discussion papers, reports, research and other documents.

We have loaded a list of the top issues into the knowledge gallery and the first discussion paper. The Post Settlement Heritage Discussion Paper details the historic themes supported by the parks and finishes with a discussion point.

Wikis are wonderful, but require hands-on training for partners who are usually all over the learning curve. “I’ve promoted more transparent, more interactive tourism websites for years, but it’s often been the less web-savvy managers/directors keeping their own staffs in the doldrums when it comes to using today’s off-the-shelf technologies,” Ron said. That said, I think we’ve already reached a tipping point leading us to use these great tools.


We would love to see the following books wiki’d:

Rolf Wesche and Andy Drumm, Defending Our Rainforest: A guide to community-based ecotourism in the Ecuadorian Amazon, 1999
Ron Mader, Mexico: Adventures in Nature, 1997

Wikipedia asks participants to submit only materials that they wrote or that they copied from the public domain, warning that copyrighted work should not be submitted without permission.

Many professional reporters and editors are hesitant to contribute to Wiki for the simple reason that they are not paid. Could the next step of Wiki-based reporting include paid contributions or rewards for the best contributions?

Educators and Wiki
Item. A professor teaches his students how to use Dreamweaver until he is told by tech support, ‘Stop that. Teach them wiki.’

Summary: Advantages
Fewer emails. An updated wiki document saves time from participants looking for email.
Flow. Updated wikis allow participants to share their thoughts and keep the momentum moving forward.
Slang. Very helpful in translating international slang

Summary: Disadvantages
Can be subject to vandalism, lack of accuracy, unscientific statements, hoaxes, copyright abuse and political feuds.

Translating: Think of wikis as collaborative murals
Spanish: Piensa de los wikis como murales compartidos

Collaboration – Collaborative Editing – Edit – Edit-a-Thon – Education – History – Quick – Lostpedia – Mural – Password – Revision – RuggapediaSocial WebWikiWikificationWikipediaWikispaces



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