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Wikipediawikipedia.org — is a dynamic online pioneer in the maturing movements for free knowledge, open access, and crowdsourcing.

Planeta.com links to Wikipedia on many pages but what remains confusing are the protocols of adding or not adding a link to one’s website, of adding or not adding information about people one knows.

That said, our respect of Wikipedia and the articulation of global collaboration that it represents grows with each deep dive into the rabbit hole. Cheers to wikis platform, and making our knowledge more accessible, more collaborative, and more open.

Wikipedia Day is January 15.

Key Links

Questions for Readers

  • How often do you consult Wikipedia and under what circumstances?
  • Do you have any questions about Wikipedia?

Questions for Wikipedia

  • What is the proper protocol for correcting inaccurate web links that lead to one’s own website?
  • What is the proper protocol for adding links to one’s own website?

Recommended Listening
The wisdom of the crowd – How has the democratisation of knowledge made Wikipedia the largest encyclopedia in history?

Wikipedia requires that verifiable sources be cited for all significant claims, and does not permit editors to publicize their personal conclusions when writing articles. All editors must follow a neutral point of view; they must only collect relevant opinions which can be traced to reliable sources.

You can’t actually change anything in Wikipedia……you can only add to it. Wikipedia is a database with a memory designed to last as long as we can make it last. An article you read today is just the current draft; every time it is changed, we keep both the new version and a copy of the old version.

In 2005 Wikipedia became the largest encyclopedia in the world. Libraries would cease purchasing the dead tree versions. Boxes of encyclopedias would soon be sold at garage sales.

In 2010 Clay Shirky calculated the total amount of time that people have spent creating Wikipedia — 100 million hours of human thought.

Buzzword Bingo
Accuracy – App – Barn Raising – DisambiguationEdit – Edit-a-thon – Citation – CollaborationConflict of Interest – Contributor – Controversies – Digital Literacy – Disambiguation – Edit Wars – Encyclopedia – Engagement – Facts – Guidelines – Hoax – Information – neutral point of view – Notable – Participation – Public – Recent Additions – sandboxSock-puppetStub – Trust – Truth – Wiki – Wikification – Wikimedia – Wikipedia – Wikipedia Day (January 15) – Wikipedian – Wikivoyage

Sock puppets — people submitting contributions on areas outside their personal expertise because they’re paid to do so


Indigenous Wikis

Pet Peeves

  • Wikipedia removed ‘Planeta’ account
  • Wikipedia does not accept firsthand information as a legitimate new source
  • Members have to create separate accounts on Wikipedia and Wikimania


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