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Wordcloud: Biodiversity Conservation in China (Some rights reserved)

Planeta.com launches our guide to Wild China – the country’s biodiversity, wildlife, parks and protected areas and the opportunities for ecotourism / conscious / local / responsible travel. Relevant additions and suggestions are welcome.

Kunming, China hosts the 15th Biodiversity COP with the theme “Ecological Civilization: Building a Shared Future for All Life on Earth.” The first part of the meetings will take place virtually from October 11-15, with the second part reconvening in face-to-face meetings in Kunming, China from April 25 to May 8, 2022.


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The Triumph of Environmental Activism in China – Spiegel

Biodiversity White Paper (2021)
The State Council Information Office released the white paper “China’s Biodiversity Conservation” on October 8, 2021 (Friday), and held a press conference at 10 am of the same day. Zhao Yingmin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Natural Resources, News Spokesperson Zhang Zhanhai, Deputy Director of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration Li Chunliang, and Director of the Information Bureau of the State Council Information Office and spokesperson Chen Wenjun attended the meeting to introduce the white paper and answer questions from reporters.
Full Text: Biodiversity Conservation in China

Government: Ministry of Ecology and Environment

China Environmental Protection Foundation

China’s rich and abundant flora and fauna is attributed to its diverse climate and geography. China is home to giant panda, Siberian tiger, Yangtze river dolphin, Asian elephant, golden monkey, black-necked crane, crested ibis and many lesser-known species.

Huanglong National Park

Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park
Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park

Biodiversity Conservation – UNDP

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Environmental issues in China
List of national parks of China


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