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Wilderness = an uncultivated and uninhabited region

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Big Ideas: The Wilderness Myth – As Australia’s population expands wild places shrink. To protect the remaining patches we want to lock it up and keep people out. But what exactly is wilderness? Is it a place untouched by human hands? An Indigenous geographer says that what we call wilderness is not nature left to its own devices but the result of thousands of years of Indigenous landcare. Part of The Planet Talks series.

Translating: What is the value of wilderness and what does it take to protect it?
Estonian: Mis on kõrbe väärtus ja mida on vaja selle kaitsmiseks?
French: Quelle est la valeur de la nature sauvage et que faut-il pour la protéger?
German: Was ist der Wert der Wildnis und was braucht es, um sie zu schützen?
Spanish: ¿Cuál es el valor de la naturaleza y qué se necesita para protegerla?
Swedish: Vilket värde har vildmarken och vad krävs för att skydda den?
Welsh: Beth yw gwerth anialwch a beth mae’n ei gymryd i’w amddiffyn?

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