Photo: Tom Koerner/USFWS (Some rights reserved)

Fences can sometimes become barriers to wildlife movement or present hazards to flying birds. In Wyoming and many other states, wildlife friendlier fence designs have been encouraged. The designs effectively keep livestock from crossing, but allow the movement of big game animals and/or make them more visible to reduce wire strikes by birds and other wildlife.

What kinds of fence cause problems for wildlife?
Fences that:

• are too high to jump;
• are too low to crawl under;
• have loose or broken wires;
• have wires spaced too closely
• can impale or snag a leaping
• are difficult for running animals
or birds to see;
• create a complete barrier

Key Links
Wyoming Landowner’s Handbook to Fences and Wildlife (PDF) – Wyoming Wildlife Foundation
Fence designs accommodate
wildlife but keep livestock in (PDF) – University of Wyoming

Fencing with Wildlife in Mind (PDF) – Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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