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World Listening Day 2018

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July 18 is World Listening Day.

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This year’s theme is ‘Future Listening’ created by Filipino sound artist @teresaBARROZO

World Listening Day is hosted by the World Listening Project. Around the world contests and walks focus attention on improving listening skills and conserving critical soundscapes. July 18 was chosen because it is the birthday of the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer, one of the founders of the Acoustic Ecology movement.

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Planeta.com Contribution

We enjoy sharing the work of sound artists around the globe and thank the World Listening Project for leading this valuable tribute to the art of listening. You have given us a challenge of finding the livestreaming and archived soundscapes that transport us into the natural and cultural worlds. And for travelers, you have given us one more way to become immersed in the landscape and soundscapes of the places we visit.

The sound of 2018 is different from a decade ago and a decade in the future. We cannot know what sounds will persist, but we know that if we want songbirds, Indigenous languages and the shouts of the organ-grinders and merolicos, we have to be appreciative now.

For those of us who are fans of life on earth – aka biodiversity – we need to appreciate the dimming of the wild sounds. How we invite wildness into our lives begins with eyes, ears and heart.

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Phantom Power: Data streams with Leah Barclay and Teresa Barrozo – On July 18th this year, Teresa Barrozo‘s question — What might the Future sound like? — will be opened to global participation. We bring news of World Listening Day, and speak with Teresa about her intervention. We also hear of data archival developments in acoustic ecology. And we speak with Leah Barclay, the editor of Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology, about her Biosphere Soundscapes project and some of the challenges of developing accessible apps for mobile platforms.

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World Listening Day

Acoustic Ecology


Livestreaming and archived video

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