Among the world’s most engaging events … WOMADelaide, celebrating more than 30 years in Adelaide/Tandanya, South Australia. 2023 dates: March 1o-13

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womadelaide.com.auThe Planet Talks

Botanic Gardens

ABC Radio National

Peter Gabriel and 30 years of WOMADelaide – The genesis of music festival WOMAD, plus highlights from The Music Show’s live broadcasts from there. (8:00 Gabriel: The process of any artist and responsibility is to grab the things that most excite and inspire them and to do something with them; 15:25 These experiences are often life-changing for many people; 22:45 World Music)

The Music Show Live from WOMADelaide 2022!

Big Ideas: The Wilderness Myth – As Australia’s population expands wild places shrink. To protect the remaining patches we want to lock it up and keep people out. But what exactly is wilderness? Is it a place untouched by human hands? An Indigenous geographer says that what we call wilderness is not nature left to its own devices but the result of thousands of years of Indigenous landcare. Part of The Planet Talks series.

Midnight Oil to headline a seated Womadelaide as global pandemic restricts crowds (2020)

World of Music, Arts and Dance


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