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World Giraffe Day

Poster: Giraffe in Downtown Las Vegas (Some rights reserved)

World Giraffe Daygiraffeconservation.org – is an annual event initiated by Giraffe Conservation Foundation (@Save_Giraffe) to celebrate the longest-necked animal on June 21, the longest day or night of the year (depending on which hemisphere you live). Hashtags: #WorldGiraffeDay, #DiaMundialdelaJirafa

This annual event creates awareness, raises support and sheds light on the challenges giraffe face in the wild. About 68,000 giraffe remain in the wild according to International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). The time to act is now.

Zoos, schools, NGOs, governments, institutions, companies and conservation organizations around the world are hosting events on June 21 every year to raise awareness and support for giraffe in the wild.

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  • How many giraffe remain in the wild? – ¿Cuá[email protected] jirafas quedan en la naturaleza?

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