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World Parks Week 2021

Photo: Horizon Crest

2021’s World Parks Week encouraged people to think about what their local neighborhoods/communities have to offer and what these local spaces mean to them. “Thinking hyperlocal helps us to build deeper.” Hashtag: #WorldParksWeek

Key Links

What’s new?
Pathway to Recovery: Pathways to Recovery: Wellbeing and Resilience (PDF)
More info

Greener Parks for Health – NRPA
Greener Parks for Health Communications Toolkit (PDF)


  • What are participants’ examples of the 10 / 20 / 30 Minute Neighbourhood concept?
  • Are there tips for virtual / distance participation?
  • Are there collaborative editing docs such as Google Docs?
  • Will webinars be recorded and available for on-demand viewing?

April 27 Park Prescriptions – What Are They and How to Implement Them
April 28 Green spaces and health: some highlights from WHO activities
April 29 Building Parks that Connect Youth to Nature
April 29 Urban Parks, Urban Futures:  why parks and urban green spaces are fundamental to quality of life in cities around the world April 29 at 07:00 EDT/ 13:00 CEST/16:30 IST/ 20:00 JST / April 29 at 16:00 PET/ 17:00 EDT/23:00 CEST/ April 30 09:00 NZST
April 30 EU Green Deal – On The Green Move

Planeta will update our guides to local parks in Henderson, Nevada and greater Las Vegas. We also look forward to webinars from around the globe and will feature highlights on this page and update relevant regional guides.

Elsewhere on the Web

World Parks Week was developed out of World Parks Day, which was held in the Fall. In 2017, World Urban Parks developed the event into a week and moved it to April/May.

World Parks Week is an opportunity to celebrate our parks and green spaces. The week is organised to:

  • Communicate the critical importance of parks in a global context
  • Promote best practices by learning from other parks services
  • Encourage people to enjoy nature and appreciate the importance of green space while maintaining physical distancing

World Parks Week: Trending recently is rapid adoption and extension of the 10 / 20 / 30 Minute Neighborhood concept – all people having access to a nearby park and their basic needs within a 10- minute safe and accessible walk or ride, and incorporating these into existing and forthcoming new cities and communities globally by 2030.

Love the concept of the 10 / 20 / 30 minute park – What apps are we actually to find parks and identify nature? Google Maps? iNaturalist? Seek?

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