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World Radio Day 2019


February 13 is World Radio Day which raises awareness about the importance of radio and strengthens the networking among broadcasters. Now in its eighth year, the celebration is bigger than ever. In 2019 the focus turns to peace, tolerance, dialogue, and radio.

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Hosted by UNESCO, World Radio Day was first celebrated in 2012, following its declaration by the UNESCO General Conference. It was subsequently adopted as an International Day by the United Nations General Assembly. Previous themes have included gender equality, youth participation, radio in humanitarian and disaster situations, and radio is you. In past years, World Radio Day has seen wide success, with more than 500 events taking place around the globe.

World Radio Day 2019
UNESCO: World Radio Day marks a time where people around the world celebrate radio and how it shapes our lives. Radio brings together people and communities from all backgrounds to foster positive dialogue for change. More specifically, radio is the perfect medium to counter the appeals for violence and the spread of conflict, especially in regions potentially more exposed to such realities. On that basis, World Radio Day 2019 will celebrate the theme of “Dialogue, Tolerance, and Peace” and the power of radio in promoting understanding and strong communities.

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  • Best and worst case examples, please. What are examples of radio and tolerance and peace?
  • How is ‘Dialogue, Tolerance, and Peace’ translated in other languages. Bonus points for Indigenous languages.
  • How is your radio listening different today than it was ten years ago?

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Translating: Dialogue – Tolerance – Peace
Spanish: Diálogo – Tolerancia – Paz

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