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World Radio Day 2021

February 13 is World Radio Day which raises awareness about the importance of radio and strengthens communication among broadcasters and listeners. Now in its tenth year, the celebration is bigger than ever. Spotlight on evolution, innovation, and connection.

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  • What radio stations do you listen? = ¿Qué estaciones de radio escuchas?
  • How do you listen to radio? = ¿Cómo escuchas la radio?
  • What are your favorite podcasts? = ¿Cuáles son tus podcasts favoritos?
  • How is your radio listening different today than it was ten years ago? = ¿En qué se diferencia tu escucha de la radio hoy de lo que eras hace diez años?
  • What would improve your radio listening experience? = ¿Qué mejoraría tu experiencia de escuchar la radio?


This year’s World Radio Day is divided into three main sub-themes:

  • Evolution. The world changes, radio evolves. 
    This sub-theme refers to the resilience of the radio, to its sustainability ;
  • Innovation. The world changes, radio adapts and innovate. 
    Radio has had to adapt to new technologies to remain the go-to medium of mobility, accessible everywhere and to everyone;
  • Connection. The world changes, radio connects.
    This sub-theme highlights radio’s services to our society—natural disasters, socio-economic crises, epidemics, etc.

Hosted by UNESCO, World Radio Day was first celebrated in 2012, following its declaration by the UNESCO General Conference. It was subsequently adopted as an International Day by the United Nations General Assembly. Previous themes have included gender equality, youth participation, radio in humanitarian and disaster situations, and radio is you. In past years, World Radio Day has seen wide success, with more than 500 events taking place around the globe.

¡Únete a la celebración del 10° #DíaMundialdelaRadio 13 de febrero y comparte los materiales en #LenguasIndígenas!

Adaptación del video promocional del Día Mundial de la Radio 2021 “Nuevo mundo, nueva radio” a 10 lenguas indígenas de México: Ayöök, Dibaku, Hñähñu, Jñatrjo, Maaya t’aan, Nāhuatlahtōlli, Tipai, Tsotsil, Tu’un savi y Ditza.

Agradecimientos especiales a quienes nos apoyaron con las traducciones: Ana Griselda López Salvador, Beatriz Adriana Pérez Cadena, Carolina Santos Segundo, Donaldo Rivera Lezama, Fausto Ángel Díaz Ojeda, Izaira López Sánchez, Marco Antonio Martínez Pérez, Nelsy Rubí Cituk Poot, Noel García García, Pascual Isabel García Mastranzo.


Can you share the written translations of ‘World Radio Day’ and ‘New World, New Radio’ in Mexico’s Indigenous languages? = ¿Puede compartir las traducciones escritas de ‘Día Mundial de la Radio’ y ‘Nuevo Mundo, Nueva Radio’ en los idiomas indígenas de México?

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