Illustrations generated via Craiyon (Some rights reserved) joins the global celebration of World Radio Day on February 13. Hosted by UNESCO, the 2023 theme is Radio and Peace.

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Questions = Preguntas

  • What radio stations do you listen? = ¿Qué estaciones de radio escuchas?
  • How do you listen to radio? = ¿Cómo escuchas la radio?
  • What are your favorite podcasts? = ¿Cuáles son tus podcasts favoritos?
  • How is your radio listening different today than it was ten years ago? = ¿En qué se diferencia tu escucha de la radio hoy de lo que eras hace diez años?
  • What would improve your radio listening experience? = ¿Qué mejoraría tu experiencia de escuchar la radio?
  • How is ‘World Radio Day’ translated in other languages? Bonus points for Indigenous languages. = ¿Cómo se traduce ‘Día Mundial de la Radio’ a otros idiomas? Bonus points para lenguas indígenas.

Our Coverage will be curating headlines, videos, and relevant links on this page. We will also be updating our guides radio, trust, and UNESCO.

Radio and Peace
UNESCO: The theme for the 12th edition of the World Radio Day is “Radio and Peace“. 

War, as an antonym to peace, signifies an armed conflict between countries or groups within a country, but may also translate into a conflict of media narratives. The narrative can increase tensions or maintain conditions for peace in a given context – for instance weigh in on the rough or smooth conduct of elections, the rejection or integration of returnees, the rise or tempering of nationalistic fervour, etc. In reporting and informing the general public, radio stations shape public opinion and frame a narrative that can influence domestic and international situations and decision-making processes.


World Radio Day


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