The 2018 edition of the World Social Forum (WSF, Portuguese: Fórum Social Mundial) takes place in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, March 13 – 17, 2018. The motto of WSF 2018 is to Resist is to Create, to Resist is to Transform pointing to the need for alternatives for another possible world.

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The World Social Forum is an annual meeting of civil society organizations, first held in Brazil, which offers a self-conscious effort to develop an alternative future through the championing of counter-hegemonic globalization. The forum is explicit about not being a representative of all of those who attend and thus does not publish any formal statements on behalf of participants.

The Tourism Advocacy and Action Forum is a group formed by activists to advocate human rights, justice, equity and sustainable tourism. There are a number of NGOs and individuals from around the world who have developed and supported this initiative.
Numerous meetings and discussions have occurred, sometimes associated with the World Social Forum.
The purpose of the TAAF is to: advocate and act for human-centred tourism policies and developments; champion community rights; ensure children women and vulnerable groups are not harmed by tourism; support Indigenous rights in tourism; promote justice tourism and solidarity forms of tourism.
People and organisations who support our aims are invited to join us in these struggles.


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