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World Tourism Day 2021


September 27 is World Tourism Day. Planeta.com is curating happenings around the globe providing the deep-dive into tourism and travel’s impact. Check out the embedded tweets below! Please let us know of recommended videos, public zoom events, and other resources of note. Hashtags: #wtd2021, #worldtourismday, #DiaMundialDelTurismo

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Planeta.com has celebrated World Tourism Day for more than 20 years! We applaud the work of friends in the hospitality sector and will hold a series of live video conversations via Facebook and Twitter.

On this World Tourism Day, Planeta.com highlights some of our favorite examples of individuals and institutions rising to the occasion of coping with COVID19 continuing impact on travel and tourism. We applaud those that used video more than ever before.

If you haven’t seen these examples yet, enjoy a deep dive:
Australia: Freya Higgins-Desbiolles, YouTube@freyahd
Canada / Colombia: Gil PenalosaYoutube@Penalosa_G
Ecuador: Enrique CabanillaYouTubeTrabajos Geografía Turística del Ecuador 1Metro Quito
Mexico: El Foco, Normal Mexican Guy
Mexico: facebook.com/SECTUR.GobOax
Mexico: facebook.com/SECTUR.MX


One of the most honest appraisals of the potential and travel and tourism, Deborah McLaren’s Rethinking Tourism is all all-time fave. We published the prologue in 1997.


UNWTO has designated World Tourism Day 2021 as a day to focus on Tourism for Inclusive Growth. This is an opportunity to look beyond tourism statistics and acknowledge that, behind every number, there is a person. UNWTO invites its Member States, as well as non-members, sister UN agencies, businesses and individuals to celebrate tourism’s unique ability to ensure that nobody is left behind as the world begins to open up again and look to the future.


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Sri Lanka

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