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Mexico City hosts national tourism forum (2018)

Mexico City hosts the 2018 National Tourism Forum May 7-9.
Hashtag: #XVIForoTurismo

Among the highlights – talks from the candidates for the presidency of Mexico who have been invited to present their proposals on tourism.

Invited are José Antonio Meade Kuribreña, of the PRI-Green Coalition; Ricardo Anaya Cortés, of the PAN-PRD Coalition; and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, from Morena.

The candidates are asked to make a presentation of their perception of tourism as a lever of development in Mexico, and specifically, the measures they would take to sustain the current growth of the industry, their diagnosis on the problems they face the sector, its vision of tourism as an agent of social change and its proposals for the 2018-2024 government.

Key Links


  • Will the event have live and recorded video?
  • Will presentations be available online?
  • Where are national, state and local tourism statistics and relevant resources available online?



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