We express our gratitude to the following faves we subscribe to via YouTube. Kudos to the video creators for education and entertainment with depth. The following is an eclectic mix updated in August 2022. Thanks to the following channels / platforms / initiatives that provide insightful on conservation and tourism, culture and language revitalization, sky-high drone coverage, and real-time proceedings from government events and livestreaming media conferences.

Top 20
ABC News In-depth
Apple ExplainedRingtones
Bëni Xidza
Blandas y Tlayudas Band
Cat Empire
Enrique Cabanilla
Freya Higgins-Desbiolles
Guelaguetza con CITLALI
Marlene Ehrenberg
Normal Mexican Guy
Perspective Arts
Royal Cam
Walk in the Park With Gil
White man behind a desk

New in 2022

Spanish-language cooking: Guelaguetza con CITLALI

YouTube Faves

Music: Blandas y Tlayudas Band, Cat Empire

Wildlife fans: Nature Track, Royal Cam

Guided Walks: ADN40, 4K Walk

Tourism-focused videos kudos to Enrique Cabanilla, Marlene Ehrenberg, Freya Higgins-Desbiolles

Sports fans, Las Vegas’ Raiders offer raw, real-time press conferences and highlight reels

Macs: Apple Explained

Drones: Normal Mexican Guy

Nixon’s the one created and starring Harry Shearer

City-park focused videos: Walk in the Park With Gil

Culture and nature fans, UNESCO

Indigenous Languages International Decade: Bëni Xidza, Dizhsa Nabani, Kumoontun

Hungry for guided DIY creativity? Let’s make art

Science? Space Time with Stuart Gary

Culture? PerspectiveArts

Locally, Clark County, KCLV Channel 2, RTC Southern Nevada

Aotearoa New Zealand: White man behind a desk, Docgovtnz

Australia: Four Corners / ABC News In-depth, Cat Empire, Space Time

Mexico: CORTV, INAH TV, El Foco (ADN40), Normal Mexican Guy

South Africa: Coffeebeans Routes

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