Indigenous Peoples: Zapotec

Zapotecs are an Indigenous group in Oaxaca with an incredible breadth and depth of culture. This page feature working notes on Zapotec culture, including language, traditional dance, and food.

As a language, Zapotec is a group of languages spoken principally in Oaxaca, and also parts of Veracruz and Puebla. There has been a migration of Zapotec-speakers now living in Mexico City and also parts of the USA (particularly California). There are about 100 variations of the language.

Cali Chiu: A Course in Valley Zapotec

Irma Pineda
Irma Pineda leyendo poemas en Zapoteco y español – Diidxazá
Also: Endangered Language, Four Poems in Isthmus Zapotec and Spanish by Irma Pineda

Revitalización y fortalecimiento del Zapoteco

Relato de un zapoteco en proceso de aculturación – Ignacio Reyes Ruiz
Zapotec Talking Dictionary – Swarthmore
TuxTyping dedizh diiste / TuxTyping en Zapoteco
Los Angeles immigrant community pushes to keep Zapotec language alive

Indigenous Voices in Pedagogical Materials: Zapotec Number Systems and Indigenous Epistemologies, Post 2
Zapotecan Languages – Oxford

Dill Yel Nbán
Dixha Xhon Dixha Ban
Radio Comunitaria La Voz de Yalálag
Voces del Valle
Radio aire zapoteco

Elsewhere on the Web

Felipe H. Lopez@DizhSa

@DizhSa: Zapotec is not a single language is a family of languages In each variation we have a name for the language we speak i.e. I speak Dizhsa, some places in Sierra Norte they speak Dill Xhon, Isthmus Dixhaza and some people in the Sierra Sur they speak Di’zhke. Think of Zapotec as the Romance languages, we don’t say we speak Romance Language, we say we speak Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, or Romanian! (source)

Tlacochahuaya 2007- (Mañanitas Oaxaqueñas)

Bëni Xidza
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Janet Chávez Santiago
Janet Chávez Santiago: The Teotitlán del Valle Talking Dictionary

Ana Alonso Ortiz

Radio Yalalag


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