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Stratigraphy = the branch of geology concerned with the order and relative position of strata and their relationship to the geological time scale.

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Subcommissions of ICS

Geobiodiversity Database – formal database of ICS, which aims to produce comprehensive and authoritative web-based stratigraphic information service for global geoscientists, educators and the public

UNESCO-natural sciences division

Commission for the Geological Map of the World

Stratigraphy.net – aims to provide free and open access to geoscientific information and data with special emphasis on the disciplines stratigraphy, paleontology and sedimentology

Nacstrat.org – website for the North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature

Stratigraphic Chart of Austria 2004

New Zealand Geological Timescale

CHRONOS – Interactive Chronostratigraphy and Stratigraphic Databases

GEOWHEN Database aims to reconcile the international stratigraphic standards with many of the regional and archaic naming schemes that appear in the literature

Micropaleontology Project – at American Museum of Natural History, New York

Geological Time Systems

Cretaceous Tethyan Stratigraphy – Building up a detailed knowledge of the Cretaceous stratigraphy in the Tethyan realm

GeoStrat – An Internet Prototype Tracking System for Geology Related Information

CONOP program

SEPM Strata

German Stratigraphical Commission



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