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Car = a road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people.

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Electric cars aren’t just vehicles. They’re big batteries. – Vox
Turn-by-turntables: How drivers got from point A to point B in the early 1900s

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1970s American Car Culture and Film – University of Dayton Professors John Heitmann and Todd Uhlman taught a class about 1970s American car culture and films of the era. Using examples like Easy Rider, American Graffiti, and Badlands, they argued these films reflected many Americans’ disillusionment and glorified the open road as a way to take back control in the face of societal changes. They also talked about the impact of oil shortages, the rise of coast-to-coast races called “Cannonball Runs,” and the popularity of trucker movies and music.

How to Dispose of Car Batteries

Electric Vehicles


Electric Vehicle Charging

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The Reason That Cars Are Like Stilts

Misc – trends, increase in electric vehicles

Seat belt
Volkswagon Vanagon

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