Photo: Roy Duffield/, Magellanic penguins nesting on coast near Caleta Valdés (Some rights reserved)

Wikipedia: Penguins (order Sphenisciformes, family Spheniscidae) are a group of aquatic, flightless birds. They live almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere, with only one species, the Galápagos penguin, found north of the equator. Highly adapted for life in the water, penguins have countershaded dark and white plumage, and their wings have evolved into flippers. Most penguins feed on krill, fish, squid and other forms of sea life caught while swimming underwater. They spend about half of their lives on land and half in the oceans.

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Recommended Listening
Penguin – Late Night Liven – There was a time when no one really cared much about penguins – in the Age of Exploration Europeans slaughtered them for food and oil. But since stories about the human-like characteristic of penguins started appearing in newspapers, and later in films, the penguin has become one of the planet’s most loved creatures.

Little Penguins – Off Track explores the Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor) colony on Bowen Island.

World Penguin Day is April 25.

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