Colombia – The Sierra de La Macarena National Natural Park (Parque Nacional Natural Sierra de la Macarena) has its origins in the La Macarena Biological Reserve (1948), includes the most extensive geological survey to the west of the Guayanès Shield, with an average length of 130 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide called “Sierra de la Macarena.” Its 629,280 ecosystems include wet forests, flood forests, shrubs and herbaceous vegetation of the Amazonian sheet.

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It is an extraordinary area due to its isolated mountain conditions, which suggests the presence of unique species and an important index of diversity in flora and fauna. You can also observe archaeological samples on the Duda and Guayabero rivers, where petroglyphs and pictograms of Indigenous cultures that inhabited the area are found.

This protected area was created by the Decree 1989 of September 1, 1989, corresponds to an area of ​​605,793 hectares distributed in five municipalities of southern Meta.

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