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Soundwalk = excursion where the main purpose is listening to the environment. A perfect event to host or join for World Listening Day (July 18).


A Soundwalk is…
• For everyone’s enjoyment and learning
• Any walk “whose main purpose is listening to the environment. It is exposing our ears to every sound around us no matter where we are.”
• Environmental sounds are not just “noise” but “information” telling us what’s happening
• Each soundwalk lasts less than one hour

A Soundscape is…
• Every sound in your landscape, wherever you are
• Always changing, no sound is ever the same
• Not always noticed and often ignored
• A natural resource
• A design made in sound

Questions = Preguntas

  • Are there maps of upcoming soundwalks around the world? = ¿Hay mapas de los próximos paseos sonoros en todo el mundo?

Join your neighbors in soundwalks with teaching artists and scientists for a unique outdoor experience in our sound environment, as a listener and performer of your soundscape.

streams.soundtent.org/2022/projects/ambulation: Ambulation is a sound walk that uses field recording techniques and listening technologies to create a walking performance using environmental sound. Ambulation engages with the act of recording as an improvised performance in response to the soundscapes it is presented within.

A soundwalk is any excursion where the main purpose is listening to the environment. Wherever we go we will give our ears priority. Since we cannot close our ears, we cannot help hearing all sounds. Unless we listen with attention, there is a danger that some of the more delicate and quiet sounds may pass unnoticed by numbed ears. Among the many mechanized voices of our modern landscape these sounds may eventually disappear entirely. Listening with awareness provides a powerful technique for us to enhance, empower and discover a sense of place’ even for the well educated ear.

You grab with your eyes but you receive with your ears.
Anthony Magen, Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology

Soundwalking – what our ears can tell us about the places we live in – Sound of Life

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Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology




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