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Tourism and Migration Conference (2007)

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Participants in the 2007 Tourism and Migration E-Conference shared examples from countries around the globe, including Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Nepal, South Africa, Thailand, and the United States.

Participants are asked to reflect on the difference between travel and migration and to relay their own experiences and research. We also gauged the effectiveness of tourism in creating jobs and an alternative to migration and review the role that foreign residents play in educating visitors.

We looked at options for investing in tourism training and infrastructure a viable outlet for migrant remittances.

This was Planeta’s 18th formal e-conference.

Defining the Dialogue
Tourism enterprises are increasingly considered as providing an alternative to migration and a vehicle to alleviate poverty in struggling economies by creating jobs. Likewise, tourists are staying longer in places — blurring the distinction between tourism and migration.

What is the difference between a migrant and a tourist? Traditional definitions says a tourist is someone who spends less than a year in a place. Instead of looking at time spent, what if we paid attention to the impact — in the community and the visitor?

Transitions Abroad

We welcome sponsorship to defray the cost of hosting and summarizing the conference. Those interested should review the sponsorship details and contact us.

Active Participants
Marcus Bauer, FLICKR
Gerhard Buttner, FLICKR
Mary Finn, FLICKR
Juan Gonzalez, Global Culture
Amy Krause, Mountain Forum
Ron Mader, Planeta.com, FLICKR
Julia Schonharl, Ecumenical Coalition on Tourism
Trip Sweeney, StepUp Travel

October 2004: Conference Announced
2005-2006: Conference Preparation
January-March 2007: Registration
March-June 2007: Dialogue
TBA: Editing and presentation of Summary Document

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As in previous online events the objective of the Tourism and Migration E-Conference is to conduct a lively dialogue that engages and educates the participants and those listening in. We will expand our index of recommended background reading and update other pages on this website.

We pose the following questions as topics for discussion:

  • How effective is tourism in creating jobs and providing an alternative to migration?
  • Are investments in tourism training and infrastructure a viable outlet for migrant remittances?
  • To what degree does tourism development displace local people?
  • What is the difference between slow travel and migration?
  • Are there examples of the tourism industry taking a proactive role to improve situation of migrant workers?


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