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Conservation Week in New Zealand 2017

New Zealand hosts its annual Conservation Week October 14-22 which encourages locals to “love your backyard.” Activities include planting natives, trapping pests, weeding and clean-ups. Do it yourself or join up with local community groups.
Hashtag: #lovemybackyard

Conservation Week events are organised across Aotearoa. These events provide opportunities to join in, get active and show love for the natural world.

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History of Conservation Week
In 1969 the New Zealand Scout Association originally kicked off Conservation Week for New Zealand. The Nature Conservation Council then had a turn at running the campaign, while other organisations like the Post Office Savings Bank, Caltex Oil NZ, and The Todd Foundation came to the party with educational resources. When the Department of Conservation was formed in 1987 it took over the Conservation Week duties, and has since worked with other groups, businesses, councils and agencies to make it all happen.

The New Zealand Department of Conservation administers approximately 30% of New Zealand’s land, along with less than 1% of the country’s marine environment, for conservation and recreational purposes. It has published lists, under the New Zealand Threat Classification System, of flora and fauna which is at risk or declining which are included in national and regional plans.


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