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Poster: What is the value of attention? (Some rights reserved)

Attention = Focusing consciousness and taking notice

Also see: partial attention, conscious

Translating: How do we get others to pay attention to things in their personal blindspots?
Spanish: ¿Cómo logramos que los demás presten atención a las cosas en sus puntos ciegos personales?

Anyone can pay attention for an instant. But what does it take to pay attention over time? Enough of the drive-by conversations, as engaging as they ephemerally are. How do we pay attention over time?

When institutional memory is lacking or we find ourselves fidgeting, it’s hard to practice anything resembling conscious living, let alone travel. Conscious travel requires expanding our individual and collective attention spans, our levels of empathy and vulnerability. We might actually contribute to a greater good.

I began Planeta.com in 1994 as a means to explore the worlds of travel and conservation, culture and nature, finding ways to move out of individual silos and co-create a living encyclopedia of what works and what doesn’t around the world.

Artwork / Cue Yourself
Increasing the Attention Span @ Ron Mader 2008


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