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Travel and Tourism in Brazil

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Links related to travel and tourism in Brazil:

Tourism Portals
Brazil Tourismfacebook@VisitBrasil
Brazil, Ministry of Tourism@mturismo

2019 Tourism Award

Brazilian Tourism (EMBRATUR)
Ecobrasil – Brazilian Ecotourism Association
Brazilian Incoming Tour Operators (BITO)
Blog: Brazil – South American Explorer’s Club
Destination Brazil – Lonely Planet
Salvador Bahia Online
Trekking in Brazil – the Adventourist
Instituto de Hospitalidade
Sustainable Tourism Brazil
Cama e Café

Some Reasons Why Brazil Fails at Tourism – São Paulo: Members of the foreign press corps sat down to lunch a few weeks ago with the new president of the Brazilian airline TAM. The discussion ranged far and wide, but it kept returning to one theme: why can’t Brazil realize its enormous potential in tourism?

Elsewhere on the Web
The inter-relationship between nature based tourism in a community and nearby lodges in the Brazilian Amazon – Sherre Prince Nelson


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