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Seventh Session of the IPBES Plenary


Planeta.com is recapping the findings of the Seventh Session of the IPBES Plenary.

Participants from the seventh session of the Plenary of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services have been as busy as beavers, preparing a detailed ‘Summary for Policy Makers’ of the report, highlighting key messages, findings and options. Hashtags: #ipbes7, #GlobalAssessment

On May 22, #BiodiversityDay, the #IPBES slogan ‘Science and Policy for People and Nature’ will be well-served in Washington D.C. as experts including Sir Bob Watson testify before the House Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife oversight hearing entitled, “Responding to the Global Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem.”


May 6, Paris, 1pm in France

Acidification – Agroecological – Biodiversity – Bipartisan Support – Challenge – Climate Change – Coastal Communities – Denial – Economic Value – Ecosystem Services – Endangered Species Act – Extinction – Fisheries – GDP – Hope – Humanity – Integrity – IUCN – Jurisdiction – Leadership – Livelihood – Market Value – Natural Capital – Ocean – Plastic – Pollution – Recognize – Respect – Rivers – Science – Soils – Solutions – Subsidies – Testimony – Threat – Transformation – Unanimous Consent – Wetlands – Wildlife – Witnesses – World Bank

Timestamps 29:00 Quarter of the land is managed by Indigenous peoples 30:43 The world is becoming much more Interconnected yet increasingly unequal 34:48 (Eduardo S. Brondizio) We need to change our narratives, our personal narratives that associate wasteful consumption with quality of life and status, and the narratives of the economic systems that consider environmental degradation and social inequality inevitable outcomes of economic growth. 1:21:15 Q What was the most alarming case? 1:24:10 Tipping points in Alaska, the Amazon 1:33:00 Mining 1:35:30 Vested interests

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  • How can remote allies, friends, journalists, and others participate in #IPBES7? = Comment les alliés distants, amis, journalistes et autres peuvent-ils participer à #IPBES7? = ¿Cómo pueden los aliados, amigos, periodistas y otras personas participar en forma lejana (participación lejana) #IPBES7?
  • Who is tweeting from the event? = Qui tweetez de l’événement?
  • Is anyone taking collaborative notes? Are there public google docs or wikis? = Est-ce que quelqu’un prend des notes collaboratives? Existe-t-il des Google Google ou des wikis publics?
  • Is there live and recorded video? = Existe-t-il une vidéo en direct et enregistrée?
  • Are presentations and publications online? = Les présentations et les publications sont-elles en ligne?
  • Are any of the biodiversity materials available with open access licenses? = Certains des documents sur la biodiversité sont-ils disponibles avec des licences en accès libre?
  • What are the major changes since #ipbes6? = Quels sont les principaux changements depuis #ipbes6?

Questions about the report

  • When will the report be released?
  • How were the assessments carried out?
  • Who are the assessors?

Three years in development, at a total cost of more than US$2.4 million, the IPBES Global Assessment draws on nearly 15,000 references, including scientific papers and government information. It is also the first global assessment ever to systematically examine and include Indigenous and local knowledge, issues and priorities.

Embedded Tweets

‘Unparalleled’: A million species at risk as humanity’s impact rises – SMH @smh @p_hannam
Nature crisis: Humans ‘threaten 1m species with extinction’ – BBC
Nature loss: Report to show scale of ‘silent crisis’ – BBC
IPBES Global Assessment Report warns of ‘unprecedented’ decline in nature and species, calls for ‘transformative changes’ – Future Earth

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