Memory = The faculty of the mind by which information is encoded, stored and retrieved.

Also see: institutional memory


  • What do you want to remember? = ¿Qué quieres recordar?
  • How would you like to be remembered? = ¿Cómo te gustaría ser recordado?
  • Is there a right to be forgotten? = ¿Hay derecho a ser olvidada/o?

Remembrance is a form of acknowledgement.

Translating: What is your favorite memory?
Afrikaans: Wat is jou gunsteling herinnering?
Estonian: Milline on sinu lemmik mälu?
French: Quel est votre meilleur souvenir?
Maori: He aha koutou mahara tino te?
Japanese: あなたの好きなメモリとは何ですか?
Spanish: ¿Cuál es tu mejor recuerdo?

Recommended Listening
The End of Remembering – Journalist and memory champion Joshua Foer asks: how will we adapt to a new culture where most memories are stored outside the brain?

How your memory works – The time travelling brain.

Exercise linked to age related memory ability – Certain types of memory begin to decline in our 20s. Early results suggest age related memory loss is a loss of encoding rather than recall. So a tip for those suffering age related memory loss is to train the encoding. To remember something, pay special attention to it. Put your keys next to a painting, or a pot plant. You will remember the painting or the pot plant and find your keys. Andrew Talk says memory ability can be improved with age. Aerobic activity is associated with memory ability. Blood vessels increase and certain brain cells grow more with physical activity.

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