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Photo: Kyle Sullivan/BLM, Alabama Hills (Public domain)

What would insiders like others know about parks and protected areass? Presenting relevant links in a somewhat random fashion:

Protected areas have a mixed impact on waterbirds, but management helps – Nature
Protected area connectivity: Shortfalls in global targets and country-level priorities – Science Direct
Walk on the Wild Side: Estimating the Global Magnitude of Visits to Protected Areas
Protected is not conserved – Intercontental Cry
How national parks around the world influenced sustainable tourism development – WTTC
How safe does protected status keep the world’s national parks?
Opportunities and Challenges in Working with Volunteers in Local Parks – The Nature of Cities
Bringing Cities to Nature at the 2015 George Wright Society Conference
E.O. Wilson explains why parks and nature are really good for your brain – Washington Post
The history of national parks: America’s best ever idea
Walk on the Wild Side: Estimating the Global Magnitude of Visits to Protected Areas – Plos One
Global Protected Areas Pull in $600 Billion Annually
Land sell offs: the end of national parks as we know them?
How much is ecotourism worth worldwide?
The principle of communicating protected areas@zkun1971
Wildness and national parks@brianfurze
Which is more of a ‘notional park’ – Virunga or Yasuni?
Survey says: Visitors to national parks don’t like noise – @julie_cart
National parks face severe funding crunch
Traveler’s View: National Park Service Shouldn’t Contribute To Technological Disconnect With Nature
EUROPARC-Spain launches a guidebook on Cultural and Spiritual Values of protected areas
El patrimonio inmaterial: valores culturales y espirituales Manual para su incorporación en las áreas protegidas (PDF)

Accessible Travel in Parks
South Africa

August 25 Founders Day (Creation of National Park Service in the USA)

George Wright Society


South Africa Parks
Parque Nacional Iztapopo Zoquiapan
Parks and Protected Areas Research Group – PPARG
PA and Conservation Learning News

Twitter list


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Elsewhere on the Web

Protected Area Watch@michaelnewcomb4
How to make a park – Worldchanging
The world’s best and worst parks – PPS
Parks and Protected Areas Guide – Ecoturismolatino
The Coalition of Concerned NPS Retirees
National Park – Answers.com
Parks Australia
Cape Nature Conservation
Convention on Biological Diversity
>IUCN – The World Conservation Union – Protected Area of the Weekwiki
Man and the Biosphere (MAB)
The Nature Conservancy
New Zealand Department of Conservation
UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
Parks Canada
National Parks Service – United States of America
Ezemvelo KZN (KwaZulu-Natal) Wildlife – South Africa
National Park De Hoge Veluwe – Netherlands

PADDDtracker.org monitors protected area downgrading, downsizing, and degazettement (PADDD), the legal process through which national parks and nature reserves become weaker, smaller, or are removed completely.
jointly maintained by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Conservation International.

World Parks Day

September 17 is World Parks Day — the 4th annual celebration of parks and green spaces. If you have something organized, fill out the form for individuals or organizations and your event will appear in the events list. You can have a concert, pick up trash with some friends, offer a free yoga class, hand out some plant seeds, have a picnic with family, organize a soccer game, offer a tour of the trees in the park…it is up to you!


Geopark – UNESCO

Directory of Parks and Protected Areas on the Social Web


In what languages are there tips on responsible travel / ecotourism in the national parks? = ¿En qué idiomas hay consejos sobre viajes responsables/ecoturismo en los parques nacionales?


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