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Invest in Nature (2019)


The World Bank brings together industry, government, and environmental leaders to invest in nature. Even better, it livestreams the conversation, Invest in Nature, October 17, 2-3:15pm Eastern. Kudos to the organizers for livestreaming this talk and answering viewers’ questions.

Hashtag: #InvestInNature

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  • How have World Bank investment strategies toward biodiversity conservation changed in the past decade? What are the future trends?
  • In terms of investments in travel and tourism, what are the lessons learned of protecting or not protecting biodiversity?
  • Will the video be available for on-demand viewing?
  • Are the presentations and references mentioned online?
  • Are there collaborative notes — Google docs, for example?
  • What other World Bank presentations have live video?


The world is suffering a historic loss of biodiversity, threatening nature’s ability to supply nutritious food, clean air and water, sustain livelihoods, regulate climate and to act as a buffer against extreme weather. More than a million animal and plant species face extinction within decades, according to new research from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). This loss of biodiversity has severe consequences for the extreme poor, many of whom live in rural areas and often rely on ecosystems and the goods they produce to make a living.

Join this event to learn more about the value of nature to people, the planet and economies. You will hear a compelling presentation from the scientist who led the latest IPBES global biodiversity assessment and learn from innovators who are already addressing the biodiversity crisis with a range of solutions. A distinguished panel of government ministers and other leaders will share how they plan to shape the new global biodiversity framework set to be decided upon at a landmark Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity next October in Kunming, China.

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