Photo: Doug Kraus/NPS, Yellowstone flood event 2022: North Entrance Road (Some rights reserved)

On March 1, 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act into law, creating the world’s first national park: Yellowstone National Park.

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2022 Floods
Flood Recovery
If you can’t get in to Yellowstone, here are some ways to salvage your trip
How Yellowstone’s animals survive a catastrophic flood
UPDATE: Yellowstone National Park continues efforts to recover from historic flooding; Limited reopening highly possible next week on park’s south loop with certain visitor entrance modifications
Gateway towns to Yellowstone become dead ends after flood
Stranded Tourists Desperate to Get Out After ‘Unprecedented’ Flooding Strikes Yellowstone Area
The northern half of Yellowstone National Park may remain closed the rest of the year

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Yellowstone renames a mountain after the history of its prior namesake comes to light
Yellowstone at 150: busier yet wilder than ever, says park’s ‘winterkeeper’
Yellowstone had 1m visitors in July alone. That’s unsustainable for US national parks
Retrospective: Historic Mammoth Hotel in Yellowstone National Park through the years

Yellowstone National Lodges
Helping Hands

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