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National Day of Botanical Gardens in México


Mexico City – April 29 is the 12th National Day of Botanical Gardens in Mexico (12avo. Día Nacional de Jardines Botánicos). Celebrations take place at the Jardín Botánico at UNAM on Saturday, 10am-5pm. Donation of 15 pesos is requested.

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Activities for children
Activities for seniors
Guided visits
Gastronomic Sample
Educational demonstrations of the shop “Tigridia”
Cultural activities
Rally for teenagers

Among the highlights:

National Agave Collection, 10am and 1pm
Explore the national collection of agaves of the botanical garden with an expert and learn all about these emblematic plants of Mexico.

Knowing cacti and its diversity, 11am, 1pm, 3pm
Learn from cacti with the experts! In this tour guided by the Cactáceas Collection, a researcher will explain everything you always wanted to know about these impressive living beings.

Collection of medicinal plants, 12pm, 2pm
Participate in the guided tours to the Collection of Medicinal Plants of the Botanical Garden and discover some information about its cultural, social and economic importance.

Between nopales, tunas and xoconostles, 11am, 3pm
Tour the collection of nopales with an expert on the theme that will enter the wonderful world of nopales, tunas and xoconostles.

Further information

The Botanical Garden of the Institute of Biology of the UNAM is the second oldest botanical garden of the country and has a national character for the diversity and representativeness of its collections. In addition to maintaining collections of live plants, the IB-UNAM Botanical Garden carries out dissemination and education activities, as well as research and conservation of Mexican plant diversity.

IBUNAM Botanical Garden
Tel. 5622-9047 and 5622-9063

Questions = Preguntas

  • What is the history of Mexico’s National Day for Botanic Gardens? = ¿Cuál es la historia del Día Nacional de los Jardines Botánicos de México?
  • Can the presentations be shared via live or recorded video? = ¿Se pueden compartir las presentaciones a través de video en vivo o grabado?
  • For those keen on visiting other botanic gardens, where are they, when are they open, and what does it cost to visit? = Para aquellos que desean visitar otros jardines botánicos, ¿dónde están, cuándo están abiertos y qué cuesta visitar?
  • Is there a calendar of upcoming environmental events and celebrations? = ¿Hay un calendario de próximos eventos ambientales y celebraciones?

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