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Open = Allowing access, passage, or a view

What happens when always open is not even open anymore? The COVID19 Pandemic did a number on a number of institutions and businesses around the world. A different open opened, one that offered hybrid connections – face-to-face interactions as well as virtual gatherings. Many of these innovations are here to stay, broadening access.

Not everything has to be open. is not advocating 100 percent transparency, but we’d like to see what can be open, open. With many crisis events created by secretive information becoming public, we advocate making as much information public and transparent as possible from the start, starting with tourism and conservation information. Meetings and trade shows held behind closed doors and paywalls do not generate public awareness, let alone support.

We delve into this subject further:

Questions // Preguntas

  • Are you open? // ¿Estás abierta/o?
  • What time do you open? // ¿A qué hora abres?
  • What are you looking forward to re-opening? // ¿Qué esperas para volver a abrir?
  • How many windows are open on your browser? // ¿Cuántas ventanas están abiertas en tu navegador?

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