Upgrade = To raise (something) to a higher standard

Also see: Level up

Upgrade your world by making the most of old-school allies and the expanding universe of the social web This presentation shows how the messages of environmental conservation and responsible / conscious / local travel is told using hi-tech and lo-fi communication. Engage! Comments are welcome and so are embeds, likes, and shares.

I’m all for human contact except not so much this year. Digital is certainly having a hayday (?) and I just wonder how far we can this in positive directions. Why replicate when you can innovate? And I don’t say that to be cheesy because we know that’s hard work – just like collaboration and communication. We take it for granted, but these actions require a changing skillset.

2010 European Ecotourism Conference

Upgrade your world – Vimeo

Making the most of old-school allies and the expanding social web universe


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