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Plogging = Running for exercise and picking up trash found along the way

Also see: Pliking

Earth friendly mission – hawaiinewsnow.com
Ploggint to help – abcfoxmontana
Plogging in Sweden – rte.ie

Call it pliking or plogging – the love child of exercise and ethics.

We should talk more about our shared environment – the attraction or lack thereof – of places and roads in between. As travelers we are embodied beings. We acknowledge that we leave traces. The least we can do is put things back the way they were. At least, not to throw away plastic bottles and bags where they do not belong.

Are we the best possible version of ourselves? Is this place the best possible version of itself? Could we at least throw out the trash?

What inspires me this week is news from Utah of a new pliking club that has its own Pliking Challenge. I hope to visit Ogden Utah’s trails one day – perhaps after the pandemic – and thank the volunteers.

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