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Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument

Photo: Matthew Dillon, Monument (Some rights reserved)

Nevada’s gem of the Ice Age is brighter than ever in the Mojave Desert on the northern fringe of Las Vegas. Officially on our list of Places to Visit.

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Key Facts
The monument is 35 square miles and stretches along US Highway 95 north of Aliante and Centennial Hills to Creech Air Force Base.

Created December 2014
Size: 22,650-acres
1,300 acres are allocated to the cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas

Ice Age Fossils State Park

Reasons to visit
Visit notable places called Tule
See park creation in process
If you can’t take a long walk, take a short one. (Vegas is an incredible hub for state and national parks, recreation areas, and national monuments. But few are closer to town as Tule.

Because Tule Springs is a new park, there is no visitor center, facilities, or parking areas. Right now to access the park, people can park on nearby public roads in North Las Vegas, and they can enter the monument on foot. Federal regulations prohibit off-roading in the park. Vehicles are only permitted on approved roads and only when the vehicles are properly licensed for street use.

Bus service from Las Vegas to Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument is available through the Regional Transportation Commission. Route #119 travels from the Las Vegas Strip to Elkhorn and Aliante Parkway in North Las Vegas.

Las Vegas and North Las Vegas are bike-friendly cities. Bicycle routes, bicycle lanes and shared-use paths are available from Las Vegas to the Southern portion of the park in both the cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas.

Tule Springs National Monument

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Floyd Lamb Park
New bike trails, pump track to open at Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs – Fox 5


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