Oaxaca, Mexico – Here is a must-follow, must-amplify, hashtag for anyone keen on Indigenous culture, language, and multigenerational knowledge sharing.

Presenting #UsaTuVoz (Use Your Voice) promoted by Voces del Valle (@VocesValle) which encourages Indigenous language use on social networks.

The hashtag was designed to curate / encourage / amplify the tweets of Oaxacan high school students who committed to tweeting in their Indigenous languages 10 times a week for seven weeks. There have now been three cycles, and the program continues.

Key Links
Voces Del Valle De Tlacolula


Headlines and Reports
Voces del Valle – Global Voices
Zapoteco, “tendencia” en Oaxaca y EU – Noticiasnet
Why write in a language that (almost) no one can read? Twitter and the development of written literature
¿Por qué escribir en una lengua que (casi) nadie lee? Twitter y el desarrollo de literatura (COLOV 2016)

Embedded Tweets

Twitter Moment
2018 Tweets


Teotitlán del Valle Talking Dictionary

International Decade of Indigenous Languages


Language Revitalization


Indigenous Languages


Sharing Cultures on the Social Web (2017)

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