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Webinar: Visitor Use Management Framework, Part 2

IUCN/WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group (TAPAS) in partnership with the Interagency Visitor Use Management Council (IVUMC) and Ecoturismo Genuino presented a live video webinar July 5.

The Visitor Use Management Framework is a process designed for federal managers to collaboratively develop, implement, and monitor strategies and actions to provide sustainable access to lands and waters. The intent, and ultimate desired outcome, is to provide high quality visitor experiences, while protecting natural and cultural resources. The framework can be incorporated into existing federal agency planning and decision-making processes and is applicable across a wide spectrum of situations that vary in complexity and spatial extent from site-specific to large-scale planning efforts.

The council is excited to share its recently released Visitor Use Management Framework, Edition One.

The Interagency Visitor Use Management Council (IVUMC) is a collaboration between six federal agencies that manage public lands within the United States of America. Council collaboration is designed to increase awareness of and commitment to proactive, professional, and science-based visitor use management on federally-managed lands and waters. The council’s mission is to provide guidance on visitor use management policies and to develop legally defensible and effective interagency implementation tools for visitor use management. Providing a consistent approach to visitor use management better serves the public by creating seamless connections between lands and waters managed by different federal agencies.

For additional information, the complete Visitor Use Management Framework document available online:



Introduction – Karie (?)
Encourage access to public access
Training to provide guidance in various formats, including online
The framework is to provide high quality visitor experiences while protecting natural and cultural
Federal agencies
Sliding Scale

Rose Verbos: Implementing the Visitor Use Management Plan at the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque





Carla Vadala: Bear Creek Watershed Restoration Project on the outskirts of Colorado Spring


also shoutout to Kentucky’s Daniel Boone National Forest. Great for rock climbing at Red River.




From the point of view of locals and visitors, what are the lessons learned and suggestions you can give both sectors in terms of interaction?

Is there any application or overlap with 41WHC?



Webinar: Visitor Use Management Framework

Ecoturismo Genuino

Interagency Visitor Use Management Council


Visitor Capacity (PDF)

Artwork / Cue Yourself
Visitor Use Management

Visitor Use Management Framework A Guide to Providing Sustainable Outdoor Recreation Edition One | July 2016

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