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Photo: 2006 UNAM

Spotlight on Antonio ‘Febo’ Suárez, winner of the 2001 Colibri Ecotourism Award.

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2001 Colibri Award
The 2001 Colibri Ecotourism Achievement Award was presented to Juan Carlos Ibarra and Antonio ‘Febo’ Suárez and recognized the value of their work in rural Mexico as well their commitment to communication.

Juan Carlos Ibarra and Antonio Suárez were selected by Planeta.com Webhost Ron Mader because of their practical field work, conceptual framework and commitment to communication.

Based their experiences in the field, these pioneers have delivered presentations across Mexico, and many of their useful resource documents are featured online the Web — on Planeta.com, the Mountain Forum and the Mexico Ecotourism Network Forum.

“This award gives us great hope and no doubt, it will help us improve our work,” said award-winner Antonio Suárez. “Our goals have always been three-fold: 1) generate employment in rural areas; 2) promote an appreciation of the beauty of Mexico’s landscapes and the people and 3) convert tourism into a tool that provides for conservation.”

“We are honored to sponsor this award with Planeta.com and we are also honored to have Consultoria Balam as the first recipient of the award,” said Emilio Kifuri, director of Canyon Travel. “Their rural community ecotourism development focusing on nurturing the inner strengths is a testament to our enterprising human spirit which transcends cultures and unites us all. This insightful and sensitive training may well become the model for all future rural community development programs worldwide. Also to be commended is their innovative development of other community endeavors like fish farms and greenhouses simultaneously generating alternate benefits as well as support to ecotourism.”

Febo Balam

Books: Explora Las Montañas de México
Febo y Pedro
Entregando Constancias

Antonio Febo Suarez Wins 2001 Colibri Ecotourism Award



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