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BioBlitz = Large scale event that engages large numbers of people with biodiversity, inviting the public to get directly involved in surveying and monitoring.

During a BioBlitz event scientists and members of the public work together to survey a natural space; seeking, identifying and recording as many species as possible over a specific time frame.

Also see: Citizen Science = Science which is undertaken with the participation of the wider community of non-scientists.

Naturalists scour border to draw attention to habitat, not migrant crisis – Los Angeles Times

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Naree Station – Naree Station is the latest acquisition of Bush Heritage Australia; an organization that buys land and then manages it in a way that maintains and protects conservation values. In April 2013, scientists from around the country converged on Naree for a bioblitz—a ten day mission to catalogue the ecology of this 14,400 hectare property.

Collecting blitz uncovers 45 new animal species in Tasmania – Every few years groups of taxonomists descend on an area and attempt to describe everything they see.

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