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Greeting = a polite word or sign of welcome or recognition

Tyos meep
Good morning (English)
Buenos dias (Spanish)
Chei to ie (Chinanteco)
Mo¯rena (Maori)
Natandio (Mixteco)
Tyos meep (Ayöök)
Tinde (Mazateco)
Maaho Kin (Maya)
Annyunghaseyo (Korean)
Bonjour (French)
Guten Morgen (German)
Goeie môre (Afrikaans)
Buongiorno (Italian)
Yá’át’ééh abíní (Navajo)
Padiushíí (Zapotec, Sierra Juárez)
Zac txili (Zapotec, Central Valleys)
Nihao (Chinese)
Conishiwa, Ohayo-gozaimasu (Japanese)
Good afternoon

Good afternoon (English)
Buenos tardes (Spanish)
Chei ta lo (Chinanteco)
Kausi u ní cutagwinu (Mixteco)
— (Korean)
— (French)
— (German)
— (Afrikaans)
— (Italian)
— (Navajo)
Tyos meep (Mixe)
— (Maori)
— (Zapotec, Sierra Juárez)
— (Zapotec, Central Valleys)
Thank you

Thank you (English)
Gracias (Spanish)
Merci (French)
Danke (German)
Dios mkujo’yïxjïp (Mixe)
Nacutagwi (Mixteco)


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