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Photo: Ron Mader, Sunset (Some rights reserved)

Huatulco is one of Mexico’s newst resorts and is located on the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca. The town has beautiful beaches and bays, many of which are accessible via motorboat (lancha).

Huatulco is known for its nine bays, powdery white sand beaches, and surrounding mountains. Adventurous travelers head to the whitewater rapids in Río Copalito.

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The name Huatulco comes from the Náhuatl ‘cuaúhtolco,’ meaning ‘the place where the wood is adored,’ as legend suggests that Quetzalcóatl left the inhabitants of the bay and port of Santa Cruz a wooden cross.

Tourism Development
FONATUR, Mexico’s tourist development agency, planned and funded the first phase of the Huatulco resort area development in 1983. Construction began that year and the resort was officially inaugurated in 1988.

National Park
CONANP Huatulco

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