Poster: Climate Justice (Some rights reserved)

Held annually in October, International Open Access Week is a global, community-driven week promoting Open Access and Open Education as the new default in scholarship and research.

Open Access Week, October 24-30 – – is an opportunity to join together, take action, and raise awareness around how open can be a means for climate justice.

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Established in 2008 by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) and partners in the student community, International Open Access Week is an opportunity to take action. The “Open in Action” theme highlights the researchers, librarians, students, and others who have made a commitment to working in the open and how that decision has benefited them—from researchers just starting their careers to those at the top of their field. is making a formal request for examples of good practice from our readers/viewers. Have you published in an Open Access journal? Have you shared photos, artwork or videos available with an Attribution-ShareAlike license? Ideally we’d like to see, share, and remix stories about responsible, conscious, local, eco travel. This requires connecting with travelers and locals. = está solicitando formalmente ejemplos de buenas prácticas de nuestros lectores / espectadores. ¿Ha publicado en una revista de acceso abierto? ¿Ha compartido fotos, obras de arte o videos disponibles con una licencia de Reconocimiento-CompartirIgual? Idealmente, nos gustaría ver, compartir y mezclar historias sobre viajes eco, local, responsable y consciente. Esto requiere conectarse con viajeros y gente local.

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