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Improving Environmental Journalism

Photo: Ajit Huilgol, US Fish and Wildlife, Pangolin (Some rights reserved)

There is no better way to understand our world than by being environmentally conscious and active.

Planeta.com embraces conscious travel and ecotourism – mindful journeys that respect the natural and cultural worlds. These travels are continuing steps toward an evolving compact with the future. We may not know what comes next, but we commit ourselves to learning more about our common and not so common histories and shared present. Let us acknowledge the value of education and lifelong learning.

People actually care about biodiversity and climate change in ways that were unheard of a few years ago. This is not to say there is not pushback from those with vested interests and apathy from those with information overload, but progress has been made.

The question is … how engaged are we in pushing the envelope of environmental awareness, research, and action? Are we active participants in making our lives more sustainable and the lives of future generations tolerable?

Practical Tips
Readers who are keen on environmental reporting need to use the social web toolbox to tag, fave, blog, whatever the option is to amplify and interact with reliable and timely coverage. Bonus points for communicating directly with journalists and editors and providing helpful feedback.

Readers passionate about environmental issues need to become reporters, citizen journalism, informing us of the news.

Publishers committed to environmental reporting need to feature the coverage on the front page or the home page, not buried on page 35, or three links down on a website.

Donors wishing to support environmental journalism workshops need to ask whether the training they finance answers the needs of the reporters. There is a great deal of ‘philanthropic’ work that does not stick simply because it is not requested.

All conferences, trade shows and ‘events’ should be evaluated in terms of their eco-, people-, and place-friendliness.

Environmental events and environmental journalism conferences need to be leaders in using online forums and conferences to proceed and follow-up the events in the natural world.

More inclusive, rather than exclusive, events. Be creative and find ways to connect the natural and virtual worlds.

Action Plans



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