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Improving biodiversity media


It’s a challenge for all websites to move with the times, figure out new modes of collaboration and education. Having focused on biodiversity conservation and tourism dos and don’ts since 1995, Planeta.com has documented numerous events, participated in on-site workshops.

Kudos to the Biodiversity Media Alliance – http://biodiversitymedia.ning.com – for surveying members and figuring out next steps for this portal.

Our requests:

1) More live and recorded videos from official events including COP14. Mainstreaming is livestreaming.

2) More online conversations/interviews about biodiversity

3) More openness from biodiversity-focused institutions, research centers and other actors.

4) More publications with explicit Open access licenses, rather than all rights reserved publications

Our proposal

1) We would like to update the relevant resource guides and place-based guides on Planeta.com to educate ourselves on local biodiversity news. Those who would like to assist will be given kudos and tagged on the social web.

2) We would like to spotlight biodiversity and tourism connections during Responsible Travel Week. Examples of good and poor practices welcome in our discussion.

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