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Digital Literacy Quiz


Planeta.com’s Digital Literacy Quizplaneta.com/digital-literacy-quiz – is used in tandem with February’s Responsible Travel Week and ongoing workshops. Participants choose what they want to learn and score their own performances. We use various social media channels / networks / platforms and learn how to be more engaging on the social web.

Internally, the Quiz is part of our ongoing, effort of cyber housekeeping — updating content and the widgets embedded on our website to cheer on fave examples around the globe and co-create an enabling environment. If you find broken links or widgets that do not show up properly, please let us know.

Upgrading communication skills is a worthy goal of its own. And yes, it’s a road without end. Responsible Travel Week started because so many people doing so many good things were stumped when it came to communicating their experiences, needs, and lessons learned. There’s a plus side for improving the visibility of noble goals such as regenerative and sustainable practices. If there disconnects, it’s time to heal them.

The digital world changes so frequently, it is impossible to keep up with all of the options, upgrades, and alternatives. You have to be everywhere at once and you cannot be everywhere at once. We settle into routines, which can be comfortable, perhaps too comfortable. Our digital literacy skills, particularly for those working in education, conservation, and tourism, need to be challenged and upgraded on a regular basis if we need to be effective collaborators.

Are we personally comfortable? Can we explain this to others in a friendly and helpful manner? This questions will be explored and hopefully articulated online.

Suggestions are welcome. The quiz and related handouts can be used and shared freely in classrooms and workshops. We ask for attribution and that you continue to share what you learn.

Core Skills: Basics

  • Do you use more than one browser?
  • Do you share photos and videos?
  • Do you pay attention to your notifications?
  • Do you take screenshots from your phone and computer?
  • Bonus points: Do you Shazam?
  • Are you comfortable with voice writing?

Advanced: Webinars


  • Can you login on more than one device? = ¿Puedes iniciar sesión en más de un dispositivo (aparato)?


  • Please name the browser or browsers you use.
  • Have you checked for updates for your browsers?


  • Have you created an account on Zoom?
  • Have you participated in a Zoom call?
  • Have you initiated in a Zoom call?


  • Have you created an account on Facebook?
  • Have you created a public photo album?
  • Have you commented on a friend’s post?
  • Have you liked a friend’s post?
  • Have you adjusted notifications on or off for your friends?
  • Have you updated your cover photo, aka avatar?
  • Have you downloaded an image from Facebook?
  • Mobile users:
  • Do you have the Facebook app on your smartphone?
  • Have you checked in to a particular place?



Bonus points if you change it this week.


  • Have you created an account on YouTube?
  • Can you login on your laptop? On your phone? On your tablet?
  • Have you faved a video?
  • Have you subscribed to a YouTube channel?
  • Have you adjusted your YouTube account notifications?
  • Have you viewed your YouTube channel statistics?
  • Have you turned off an advertisement on YouTube?
  • Have you uploaded a video to YouTube?
  • Have you created a custom thumbnail image for your video?
  • Have you changed the license setting for any of your videos to Standard YouTube to Creative Commons attribution?
  • Have you adjusted the video viewing settings to 1080p?
  • Have you reviewed your viewing history?
  • Have you searched for a playlist?
  • Have you created a playlist?


  • Have you created an email address?
  • Have you created more than one email address?
  • Have you deleted an email?
  • Do you know the passwords to access your emails?
  • Have you changed the subject line in the reply to an email?
  • Have you forwarded an email?
  • Have you learned the difference between CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)
  • Instead of sending attachments, do you know how to share a link where the information can be downloaded?

Nerdy Gadgets

Business Owners: If you own a brick-and-mortar business, have you claimed your space on Facebook? On Google? If you have, claim double points.

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