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Food, Health, and Cultivating Communities

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Planeta.com’s Food, Health, and Cultivating Communities continuing conversation highlights local food and slow food and everything delicious. Discussion continues on a number of social web channels, including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube. (La conversación continua sobre alimentación, salud y cultivo de comunidades de Planeta.com destaca la comida local, la comida lenta y todo lo delicioso. La discusión continúa en las redes sociales.)

“Come hungry,” says Planeta.com founder Ron Mader. “Foodies play a critical role in developing conscious and responsible travel and ecotourism, Choosing what we eat and where we eat goes a long way in cultivating communities and improving the health of visitors and locals alike. There are numerous ways to share stories about food that cultivate connections among growers and eaters.”

Food takes us places we have not been yet, so the question today: where do we want to go?!

There are several ways to enter a foreign culture – through appreciating music, sports, food and language. Among these and other options, food is an easy entry point which roots travelers and locals in a common ground.

Community gardens, farmers markets and distribution of natural food go a long way in supporting local economies and a healthy respect for environmental conservation and community building.

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Caldo de Piedra
Caldo de Piedra @ Oaxaca 11.2013

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