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World Listening Day 2022

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Take time to listen across borders and boundaries.

July 18 is World Listening Day hosted by the World Listening Project. 2022 topic was ‘Listening across boundaries.’ Organizers encouraged audiophiles to host local, public events around the globe. Among the highlights: the curated 10-hour stream. Hashtags: #WorldListeningDay, #WLD2022

Planeta.com recaps the event on this page and we have curated our own Twitter moment.

Key Links
Registered events
Facebook Group

Questions = Preguntas

  • What is a favorite sound you have heard today? = ¿Cuál es un sonido favorito que has escuchado hoy?
  • How are you celebrating World Listening Day? = ¿Cómo estás celebrando el Día Mundial de la Escucha?
  • Who do you listen with? = ¿Con quién escuchas?
  • Is anyone hosting soundwalks? = ¿Alguien está organizando paseos sonoros?


Curated Live Stream

The day features livestreaming audio, contests, and listening-focused walks around the world which focus attention on improving listening skills and conserving critical soundscapes. July 18 was chosen because it is the birthday of the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer, one of the founders of the Acoustic Ecology movement.

Listeners of all kinds are invited to host and participate in three activity types: curated 24-hour live stream program, self-organized and initiated local live and public events in your own locale, and/or your own personal celebrations.

This year’s theme, created by Dr Heather Spence – linktr.ee/heatherspence@heatherspence – is “Listening Across Boundaries.”

Elsewhere on the Web
MV88 User Guide
naisa.ca (Australia) – performances@NAISASoundArt
Jalisco Radio (Mexico) – FacebookFlickr
Radio Arte (Italy) – https://www.facebook.com/radioarte.it
Pipestone National Monument (USA) – Facebook
corkcity.ie/en/kinship (Ireland)

Park Board highlights artist residency this World Listening Day (Vancouver, Canada)


Dusk at Warbler’s Roost: an intersensory improvisation by Ellen Waterman



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