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We are standing at the front door of one another’s country. We need a better understanding of where the United States and Mexico meet. // Estamos parados en la puerta principal del país del otro. Necesitamos una mejor comprensión de dónde se encuentran Estados Unidos y México.

Ten border states — Arizona, Baja California, California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, New Mexico, Sonora, Tamaulipas, and Texas — together exercise an economy that ranks third in the world for size (double checking).

In April we watched the new season of La Frontera hosted by Pati Jinich. If there’s one underappreciated asset of the region, it’s borderland food which whets the appetite for appreciating local cultures.

This year look for a deepening of regional coverage. There will be updates to our features on biosphere reserves, national parks, monuments, and borderland jewels including Big Bend National Park, Copper Canyon, Grand Canyon, Organ Pipe, Pinacate, Sonoran Desert, Chihuahuan Desert, Gulf of Mexico, and the beautiful Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez).

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Questions // Preguntas

  • What are recommended sources of info and insight – analog and digital? // ¿Cuáles son las fuentes recomendadas de información y conocimiento: analógicas y digitales?
  • What would locals like others know? // ¿Qué sabrían los lugareños como los demás?
  • Call for traveler tips – what are your favorite places in the region? // Llame para obtener consejos de viajero: ¿cuáles son sus lugares favoritos en la región?

The border is more than geography. The border is a mindset. The farther you are, the scarier it seems. Here on the border it’s just home. – Alfredo Corchado @ajcorchado






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